Thyroid Type

If you are in the thyroid category, you are either an Artemis or Athena, if a woman, or a Mercury or an Apollo, if a man. To determine which one of these personalities matches you the best, your tester must check two more minor points on your body that correspond to either your adrenal or your pancreas — the reason being, you have an inherent connection between the thyroid and adrenal; or between the thyroid and pancreas. These reflexes correlate with your early personality development. Your body will now show the minor weakness at one of these points according to how you respond to stress or outside stimuli.

Check the pancreas reflex first as in the original testing. This point is in the center front at the waistline near the navel area. The tester gives the command “Resist.” If you test weak at this point, you are either an Artemis or a Mercury personality type and can proceed to your program.

Now, if you did not weaken at the pancreas point, go on and have the adrenal point checked by your tester. If you weaken there, you are either an Athena or an Apollo. If both points check strong, think of recent stress and repeat the test.