The Resourceful Administrator

Your God Qualities

Mercury is very resourceful and loves taking on commercial ventures and handling financial matters.  He is an excellent businessman.

Your Personality at Its Best

As a Mercury, you are a natural administrator with decision-making ability par excellence. You are ambitious, aggressive, intellectual, and sensitive.  You love science and research.  Appreciative of life’s treasures, you love having a secure home and usually like to run both your home and your business in a structured way.  You prefer to provide for a mate who stays at home to raise your children.  You can be practical, determined, and straight-forward.  You work best as the “top dog” and dislike being criticized by subordinates and people you think are inferior to you.  No matter what obstacles you face, you are a survivor.

Early Childhood Conditioning

You can be insensitive, due to the protective shield you developed to defend yourself against an overbearing personality in early childhood, or from undue authoritative demands placed upon you as a youth.  You learned how to control your sensitivity to keep the world, especially your parents, from seeing how vulnerable you felt.  Because you hide your sensitive nature, however, you tend to overlook the feelings of others, realizing only too late when you have deeply hurt them. You may cover your feelings of insecurity with a prideful attitude.

How Your Personality May Undermine Your Health

Normally you do not fall prey to minor illnesses and stresses. If you take care of your body, you can reach a ripe old age, since you have an above average constitution. If your emotional life is in uproar, however, you are susceptible to major thyroid imbalances. In particular, you can be affected adversely if you always put your own needs first, obsessively overwork, withdraw from love, or worry incessantly. The metabolic imbalances resulting from such stress can lead to obesity, hypertension, anxiety, and multiple digestive dysfunctions.

Special Attributes:  Tolerance & Compassion


  • A motivation for achievement
  • A keen intellect
  • The capacity to accomplish self-established goals
  • An inherent strong physical constitution
  • Executive decision-making abilities
  • Love of home and family
  • An appreciation of the finer things of life


  • A tendency to repress emotions
  • Inclination to be manipulative
  • An obsessive drive to overwork
  • Prideful attitudes hiding insecurities
  • Chronic worrying that undermines health
  • Defensive to criticism
  • Puts his own needs before others’

Meeting Your Creative Wellness Challenge

You need to turn your aggressiveness and strong urge to control life’s opportunities and stresses into a chance to express your true feelings.  You also need to develop your intuition to become more aware of your inner feelings and the sensitivities of others.  To make the most of your Apollo personality, you can

  • practice Yoga or T’ai Chi
  • join a church choir or a dance class
  • find ways to give your emotions a healing outlet
  • get involved in charity work and use your influence to set a good example for others
  • participate in competitive outdoor activities that require athletic skills, especially when you can have a star role, such as football, basketball, and baseball


As you abandon your shield and use your good will to benefit others, you can make a positive difference in your world.

Mercury’s Affirmation

I acknowledge that in the past
I have allowed my insecurities
To foster and over-controlling nature,
Which denies my sensitivities.
In acknowledging this weakness,
I affirm to change myself,
So that in the future
I will make the right choices
To live a more balanced life.
This affirmation restores my faith in others,
And brings peace to my soul.

Mercury’s Colors



This palette of colors give the longest endurance to the wearer. They should be worn in main outfits, such as suits, dresses, slacks, and blazers.

Dark Brown
Saddle Brown
Sienna Brown
Navy Blue
Slate Blue



This palette of colors offers extra protection during periods of environmental or personal stress. They are most effective when worn as outerwear, such as coats, blazers, jackets, jogging suits, and other sportswear.

Charcoal Grey
Pewter Grey
Sunshine Yellow



This palette of color makes one feel good. They should be worn as blouses, shirt, casual wear, scarves and neckties, but never alone — as their effect changes with mood or activity.

Chinese Red
Nile Green



This palette lifts one up. They are most effective when worn as ‘date outfits’, underwear, night and lounge wear, as well as for specific creative undertakings and artistic projects.

Rose Beige
Lemon Yellow
Sky Blue



Avoidance Colors

Mercury needs to avoid all deep reds (burgundy, wine).