How to Find Out Your Type

The Creative Wellness types are determined by a muscle test requiring a second person.  We recommend you find a friend who is also interested in learning about Creative Wellness.

Always perform resistance testing on an individual’s left arm, regardless of whether he or she is left- or right-handed.  Because of the way human brains are formed, responses are always more autonomic or reflexive in the left arm.    

Ask your friend to stand up and face you and, while touching nothing for support, to keep his/her right arm at his/her side and extend the left arm as shown on the chart.  Test resistance by placing your right hand over the left wrist.  Give the command “Resist,” and gently try to push the arm down with a quick spring-like motion.  The strength of the arm is your zero starting point. Get a sense for the amount of resistence, as this is what you’ll compare to.   You’re looking at responses to the placing slightpressure on each of the three grand points — the thyroid point, then moving to the pancreas point, and finally testing the adrenal point.  




STEP 1:     To check the thyroid point, use your left thumb and index finger to lightly touch the center of your client’s throat.  Simultaneously use your right hand to press your client’s extended left arm down with a gentle spring-like motion while giving the command, “Resist.”  If he/she is noticeably weak at this point, there is no need to go further.  Your client is a Thyroid Type.  Note: A woman’s thyroid is like a butterfly around the center of her neck, while a man’s thyroid is located directly below his Adam’s apple.

STEP 2:     To check the pancreas point, place your left index and middle fingers slightly to the left of your client’s navel (your right), a few inches below his/her ribs.  Again, use your right hand to test your client’s left arm resistance with the command, “Resist.”  If he/she shows observable weakness at this point, go no further.  Your client is a Pancreas Type.

STEP 3:     To check the adrenal point, reach around to your client’s back and with your left middle and index fingers gently touch the area directly above his/her hip pad in the small of the back.  Again, while giving them the command, “Resist,” press gently down on your client’s extended left arm at the wrist.  If he/she shows weaknesses at this point, your client is an Adrenal Type.