Typing Your Personality

The personality sets the stage for an individual’s life experience. 

There are 14 Creative Wellness personality types — seven male and seven female.  Each of these 14 types fits into one of three major categories, depending upon the endocrine gland most affected by stress: the thyroid, the adrenals, or the pancreas. 

There are four Thyroid Personality Types (two male and two female), four Adrenal Personality Types (two male and two female), and six Pancreas Personality Types (three male and three female).  While each of the seven male personality types corresponds to a specific female personality type, due to the same glandular vulnerabilities, they also manifest different character traits because of the influence of male and female hormones.

The 14 Creative Wellness personality Using ancient gods and goddesses as archetypal images for inspiration.    

Benefits of Using a Personality Taxonomy

The use of personality taxonomies –personality classification systems – can help people gain self-awareness and set goals for personal growth.  For example, research has long validated the therapeutic application of the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI), which, like Creative Wellness, has its basis in Jungian psychology.  By objectively presenting individual strengths and weaknesses as part of a personality profile, these taxonomies can and do facilitate self-awareness.  Therefore, Creative Wellness begins by identifying the specific personality type whose character traits involve strengths that can aid in reducing health risks and improving lifestyle, while demonstrating how certain negative tendencies weaken the body’s resistance to disease.