Adrenal Type

If you are in the adrenal category, you are either an Iris or Venus, if a woman, or a Neptune or Bacchus, if a man. To determine which archetypal personality you are, your tester needs to check two more minor glandular points; one relative to the pituitary gland (whose nerve point lies in the middle of the forehead) and one relative to the sex glands. (See Figure 4 for exact points for testing.)

To check the pituitary nerve reflex, the tester should use only the index finger to touch the center of your forehead slightly above your eyebrows. Give the same command as used for testing the major category, “Resist.” If this point is weak, you are either an Iris or a Neptune, and are ready to proceed with your self-improvement plan.

If the pituitary was not weak, your tester needs now to check the sex gland reflex. For women, this nerve point is in the middle of the lower abdomen and can be located by the tester using the thumb and index finger, holding them about four inches apart. This point is related to the ovaries and if weak, you are a Venus. For men, the nerve point is slightly lower, and lies just above the pubic bone. If this root point is weak, you are a Bacchus.

For the adrenal archetypal goddesses or gods, if no minor points show vulnerability, you need to think of things that stress you, and be checked again.