The Futurist

Your God Qualities

Neptune is the guardian of the environment.  He can be as gentle as the dolphin or as violent as an earthquake.

Your Personality at Its Best

As a Neptune, you are a natural philosopher and problem solver.  While you take great pride in knowing that you have your feet firmly planted on the ground, you can also let your intuition and imagination soar, since you have the ability to see the past, present and future (in your mind’s eye).  You usually appear calm, cool, and in total control, and are probably more mature than most men your age. You are forthright, sensitive, compassionate, wise, and understanding. Your enjoyment of professional autonomy and your innate sense of duty make you a superb counselor or statistician. A lover of the outdoors, you enjoy living by the water and participating in water sports, such as fishing, swimming, and boating.

Early Childhood Conditioning

You can be insensitive, due to the protective shield you developed to defend yourself against an overbearing personality in early childhood, or from undue authoritative demands placed upon you as a youth.  You learned how to control your sensitivity to keep the world, especially your parents, from seeing how vulnerable you felt.  Because you hide your sensitive nature, however, you tend to overlook the feelings of others, realizing only too late when you have deeply hurt them.

How Your Personality May Undermine Your Health

Your tendency to hide from your emotions can have a negative effect on your body, particularly after middle age.  It can create an imbalance in your thyroid system, interfering with your metabolism and your ability to rejuvenate yourself.  Uncorrected, this stress-induced imbalance can speed up your aging and affect your blood pressure, nervous system, and physical agility.  Refusing to acknowledge your emotional needs can even shorten your life, particularly if you use alcohol as a pacifier.  Watch for the early warning signs of trouble ahead: chronic sinus headaches, tension in your neck, excessive desire for self-gratification, or waning sexual potency.

Special Attributes:  Patience & Fortitude


  • A love of history, philosophy, and nature
  • Talent in planning/problem solving
  • Professional independence
  • An innate sense of duty
  • A creative imagination
  • Natural intuition


  • A tendency to feel frustrated
  • Escapist and reckless tendencies
  • An inability to release past traumas
  • A vulnerability to poor health habits
  • Repressed anger from inner conflicts
  • Self-defeatist attitudes in relationships with most women

Meeting Your Creative Wellness Challenge

You need to release past traumas by developing your awareness of psychological undercurrents that make you susceptible to hypertension and other illnesses. You must learn how to live right to prevent poor health. To make the most of your Neptune personality, you can:

  • engage in outdoor activities
  • schedule enough time for rest and play
  • follow a low-cholesterol, low sodium diet
  • take time for meditation and the contemplation of life
  • get involved in activities that allow you to express your humanitarian nature
  • participate in things that stimulate you emotionally and spiritually, such as writing, studying philosophy, caring for plants, and collecting treasures from the past


You are the wisest of statesmen, whose sensitivity qualifies you as a sage of modern times. While others may have concerns about the future, you can use your higher understanding and your practical ideas to put their fears to rest.

Neptune’s Affirmation

I acknowledge that in the past
I have not been wise in handling
My health requirements,
And allowed my frustrations with others
To affect my health.
By changing my daily habits
And transforming my attitude,
I create for myself a healthy body,
a balanced mind, and a peaceful spirit
That will assure me longevity and a fulfilled life.

Neptune’s Colors



This palette of colors give the longest endurance to the wearer. They should be worn in main outfits, such as suits, dresses, slacks, and blazers.

Saddle Brown
Brick Red
Olive Green
Slate Blue



This palette of colors offers extra protection during periods of environmental or personal stress. They are most effective when worn as outerwear, such as coats, blazers, jackets, jogging suits, and other sportswear.

Charcoal Grey
Felt Grey



This palette of color makes one feel good. They should be worn as blouses, shirt, casual wear, scarves and neckties, but never alone — as their effect changes with mood or activity.

Cherry Red
Sunshine Yellow
Wedgwood Blue



This palette lifts one up. They are most effective when worn as ‘date outfits’, underwear, night and lounge wear, as well as for specific creative undertakings and artistic projects.

Rose Beige
Lemon Yellow
Eggshell Blue



Avoidance Colors

Neptune needs to avoid all dark blues (royal).