The Innovative Entreprenuer

Your Goddess Qualities

Venus is known for her beauty and laughter.  As the “protectress of the gardens,” she also represents the creative forces of life.

Your Personality at Its Best

As a Venus, you display femininity at work and at home.  Because you are naturally resourceful, you can meet all creative challenges. You possess great inner strength.  You are honest and generous and usually win the heart of everyone you meet. You are also philosophic and compassionate and seek to understand the meaning of life.  Because you can identify and solve problems quickly, you have the potential to be an independent achiever and entrepreneur.  With your natural gift for conversation, you love to entertain and be entertained. You are a steadfast friend and a loving, confident woman.

Early Childhood Conditioning

Emotional and/or physical abuse in your early childhood, as well as inherited physical frailties (more than any other goddess) make you susceptible to more abuse, deceptions, and stress-related illness.  As a result you have a tendency to feel victimized in your life and to blame yourself and others for past mistakes.

How Your Personality May Undermine Your Health

Your physical or emotional weaknesses are centered in your adrenal and sexual glands.  Usually these glands produce too few hormones, leaving you physically exhausted and emotionally temperamental.  In time, this hormonal depletion (including PMS) can cause your body’s autoimmune system to break down. You are especially prone to stress affecting your health when you lose a partner, change your job, move, have a baby, or get married.

Because of your childlike innocence, beauty, and physical frailty, you often find yourself giving over your power.  You may even assume the role of the victim due to your fear of rejection.  Generally, when your stability is altered or threatened in any manner, your innate frailties can surface and lead to female irregularities or psychological symptoms, including despondency and despair.

Special Attributes:  Forgiveness & Personal Freedom


  • A fun-loving and playful nature
  • Philosophic and compassionate virtues
  • Great inner strength and faith
  • Keen analytical abilities
  • Steadfast in friendship
  • Independent achiever
  • Innate femininity


  • Susceptible to abuse and deception
  • Blaming others for mistakes of the past
  • Inability to remain objective under stress
  • Poor resistance to stress-induced disorders
  • Tendency to repeat victimizing experiences
  • Proclivity to feelings of hopelessness and despair
  • Anxiety about life’s circumstances getting out of control

Meeting Your Creative Wellness Challenge

You have a tendency to permit someone/something to control your life.  Instead, you need to use your innate resourcefulness and great resilience to establish self-independence and maintain control.  To make the most of your Venus personality, you can

  • be honest with yourself about past traumas
  • find ways to tap into your playful and carefree side
  • express your creativity in your personal appearance and your home
  • engage in activities that satisfy you emotionally and involve little physical competition, such as gardening, swimming, and reading romantic novels
  • restore your energy by learning to heal yourself with the power within you (making PMS and cramps a thing of the past, and having an easy menopause)
  • protect your emotions with vitamins and natural supports, including colors, gems, oils, and lotions.


As the most creative of all goddesses, take command of your time, energy, and self-management, and truly be a loved and respected modern woman

Venus’s Affirmation

I acknowledge that in my past
I have allowed repeated victimization
to interfere with my physical well-being
and undermine my total balance.
I pledge now to release myself from this pattern
So I can live in health,
Creating new constructive habits.
This commitment will help me regain
The power within myself
To heal and transform my life,
finding happiness in all that I am.

Venus’ Colors



This palette of colors give the longest endurance to the wearer. They should be worn in main outfits, such as suits, dresses, slacks, and blazers.

Charcoal Grey
Saddle Brown
Navy Blue



This palette of colors offers extra protection during periods of environmental or personal stress. They are most effective when worn as outerwear, such as coats, blazers, jackets, jogging suits, and other sportswear.

Cherry Red
Royal Blue



This palette of color makes one feel good. They should be worn as blouses, shirt, casual wear, scarves and neckties, but never alone — as their effect changes with mood or activity.

Scarlet Red
Hot Pink
Citrus Yellow
Bright Blue



This palette lifts one up. They are most effective when worn as ‘date outfits’, underwear, night and lounge wear, as well as for specific creative undertakings and artistic projects.

Rose Beige
Wedgwood Blue



Avoidance Colors

Venus needs to avoid rusts, dark oranges and red browns.