The Power of Health by Understanding Your Personality

Creative Wellness

Your Ten Step Creative Wellness Plan

Step I:

Understanding Your Personality

Step II:

Reprogramming Your Psyche

Step III:

Creating Healthy Nutrition

Step IV:

Color Support in the Wardrobe

Step V:

Gem & Stone Strengthening

Step VI:

Scents, Herbal Elixirs, & Oils

Step VII:

Hobbies & Interests

Step VIII:

Exercise for Glandular Improvement

Step IX:

Divine Relationship

Step X:

The Inner Power — Meditation

The Creative Wellness Program

The first step in achieving your Creative Wellness goals is to understand your personality. As you begin to understand yourself — and why you do what you do — you will find your life taking on new clarity and purpose. You will feel a power within yourself to heal and change your life. Since all good healthy habits start in the personality, this will help you to move forward to the other steps. Each step will train you to improve a specific area in your lifestyle.

The Creative Wellness program uses a personality type taxonomy to determine an individual’s basic healthcare requirements and stress management needs. Each of the 14 personality types defined by this mind-body system correlates with one of three major endocrine glandular functions. Complementary therapies are integrated to strengthen the personality, and improve the function of the major endocrine gland related to each personality type.

Although not a replacement for professional medical diagnosis and treatment, Creative Wellness training offers comprehensive self-help plans that relate to an individual’s lifestyle needs — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The plans, which are specifically designed for a multi-cultural audience, will help promote positive and healthy habits, improve energy and self-esteem, and foster better ways of coping with stresses in everyday life.