Pancreas Type

If you are in the pancreas category, you are either a Minerva, an Aphrodite, or a Diana, if a woman or an Atlas, an Eros, or a Hermes, if a man. To determine which of these personality types fit you best, your tester must check three more minor nerve points on your body relative to total function of the pancreas. These are pan-sugar, pan-enzyme, and pan-liver, as they represent the action of metabolism and the seat of the emotions.

To check these reflexes, the tester begins with the pan-sugar nerve point located at the waistline, just under the left rib area, using the index and middle fingers to touch this point lightly while giving the command, “Resist.” If your arm weakens here, you are either a Minerva or an Atlas, and you need test no further.

To check the pan-enzyme nerve point, your tester, using the same fingers as above, need gently touch a point at the center of the waistline, immediately above your navel. If this point shows a weak response, you are typed as an Aphrodite or an Eros.

The last point to check for pancreas personality typing is the pan-liver nerve reflex. This point is also located at the waistline, but this time on the right side of the body just below the rib cage. If you show a weak response here, you are a Diana or a Hermes. As before, if you tested strong on all three pancreatic points, you might recall an emotional situation that was upsetting to you; then be tested again.