The Corporate Executive

Artemis is an “earth woman” who loves mountains and forests.  Her power is often magical, and she can be nurturing or aggressive in support of children and others she cares about.

As an Artemis, you are a natural leader who can manage business and family affairs equally well.  You are an intelligent, self-motivated, people-person.  You love your independence and thrive on being the “first” to do something new.  You often rise to a management position in your chosen profession.  When you put your heart into personal transformation, no challenge is too great.  You can have it all: a good career, a supportive relationship with a lover or mate, happy motherhood, and lots of interesting outside activities.  You can become a model for others – a successful woman and a leader in your community.


  • A keen sense of logic
  • Appreciative of originality
  • Enjoyment of responsibility
  • Natural leadership abilities
  • Self-motivated and success-oriented
  • Capable of completing self-initiated tasks
  • A natural transformer and change-agent


  • Feelings of abandonment from childhood
  • Fear of admitting to emotional sensitivity
  • Prideful and manipulative tendencies
  • Insensitivity to own physical needs
  • An obsessive drive to overwork
  • Overly aggressive mannerisms

If you have been typed as an Athena you are strong, outgoing, and competitive. You have a great need to express independence in your lifestyle. You enjoy being recognized for your contributions and thrive on being a trendsetter in your chosen work.  You are often an authority on “who’s who, what’s what,” and “what’s new on the horizon.”  You like to be recognized by your peers for your superior judgment, excellent taste, and understanding of current events. You possess an above average intelligence and usually have a special skill.  As a natural leader, you communicate well and have the ability to delegate responsibilities to others.   Thriving on competition, you love to involve yourself in endeavors that may lead to personal stardom and involve a certain amount of risk. When you spend time on challenging and rewarding activities rather than boring ones that leave you unrecognized you are happy and can handle an active lifestyle well. You have a better than average constitution and are likely to enjoy a full and active life.  You thrive on a high-protein, low-fat diet; and hobbies/activities that stimulate your intelligence; and self-expression.

You’ve often been misunderstood or not allowed to express your own truth, which has led to your overreaction to the opinions of others.  You find it difficult to accept any form of criticism or rejection.  When criticized, you tend to hold back your feelings and, while you may lash out at those who upset you, you may also harm your own health by not expressing your anger.  If you are under long-term stress, your thyroid gland may lose its ability to regulate your metabolism and cellular rejuvenation, leading to premature aging and a higher risk of disease.  In addition, your tendency to be extravagant and overindulgent causes you considerable stress, which can further irritate your thyroid and cause you to feel that your life is out of control.

Meeting Your Creative Wellness Challenge

You feel stress when you are unappreciated by people in authority and need to protect yourself from frustrations that restrict your uniqueness.   You also require a lifestyle of personal freedom, self-expression, and choice.  To make the most of your Athena personality you can

  • allow spontaneity and playfulness
  • relax and enjoy your natural support therapies
  • surround yourself with beauty and nice things
  • be sensitive to personal grooming needs (hair, nails, skin, etc.)
  • spend time with people with whom you feel are your true friends
  • get involved in activities that require talent and courage to help the less fortunate.

When you successfully meet your challenge, and use your charm, rather than your raw power, to win people over, you can overcome any negative circumstance and be your own star

Artemis’s Affirmation

I accept myself as having certain insecurities
that have led me, in the past, to make wrong choices
concerning my needs for health and balance.

In acknowledging these weaknesses, I choose to change myself
so that I might realize and enjoy a satisfying existence.
I commit myself to developing new habits
and to becoming healthy – in body, mind, and spirit