The Perceptive Communicator

Your God Qualities

Bacchus is full of zest, joy, and happiness.  These positive attitudes can be healing and helpful to others.

Your Personality at its Best

As a Bacchus, you are a natural communicator and salesman.  Usually sexy, attractive, and youthful in appearance, your smile charms men and women alike.  You have innate good humor.  You are an admirable, responsible, and trustworthy individual with a fun-loving and almost childlike demeanor.  Your innocent look makes you seem like you have no cares in the world, yet you have an uncanny ability to acquire and secure money.  Women must earn your admiration and affection and, while you may leave the philosophy of life to them, you enjoy achieving success on your own.  You manage the everyday world better than most.

Early Childhood Conditioning

You probably started out as an idealistic and trusting child with a sensitive and loving nature – traits that led to disillusionment when your parents fell short of your ideals.  Or you may have had a weak father or a distant or absent mother who paid too little attention to your needs.  In either case, you learned to cope by building your own self-confidence and self-assurance.  This early stress, however, left you vulnerable to mood swings and childhood traumas, some of which may have been your way of getting the attention you craved.  You may be vindictive when hurt or angry.

How Personality May Undermine Your Health

You probably have few genetic defects.  Your lifestyle, however, can trigger hormonal vulnerabilities, especially if you have developed a self-defeatist attitude, or a compulsive need to seek escape through food, sex, drugs, or drink.  Both ways of coping involve forms of self-gratification that can undermine your health if you disregard your need for balance.  Up to age 35, you are usually free from serious health problems, except for minor concerns caused by stress, such as food allergies, environmental sensitivities, and gastric distresses.  After middle age, you are more susceptible to developing any number of serious problems with your prostate, kidney, or heart.

Special Attributes:  Temperance & Perseverance


  • A natural communicator
  • Self-confident competitor
  • An innate ability to secure wealth
  • A charming and playful disposition
  • A likable and cooperative personality
  • Emotional security with the opposite sex
  • A motivation for independent achievement
  • Self-confident when competing


  • Over-sensitivity to parental shortcomings
  • When hurt, a tendency to be vindictive
  • An inclination to acquire addictions
  • A susceptibility to disillusionment
  • Super-sensitivity to environmental pollutants
  • A self-defeatist attitude

Meeting Your Creative Wellness Challenge

You need to develop a more disciplined regime in your life. Your key to success is moderation in all things: balanced nutrition, stable healthy weight (you may need to loose a few pounds), and regular doses of antioxidant nutrients, such as B, C, and E vitamins. To make the most of your Bacchus personality, you can:

  • exercise regularly
  • learn to relax and enjoy your home life
  • attune yourself to the spiritual aspects of life
  • release your tension through creative hobbies
  • get involved in activities that foster team spirit and sportsmanship, like baseball, volleyball, bowling, and community social events.


Meeting your goals, you can be even more admired by your coworkers and friends, while you let your evolved spirit soar!

Bacchus’s Affirmation

I acknowledge that in the past
I have not recognized
my self-destructive ways
and my need for balance.

Realizing these shortcomings,
I pledge now to follow

my true life’s purpose
and change my daily habits

to honor body, mind, and spirit as one.
I affirm to uphold this pledge,
out of love for
and for all fellow human beings.

Bacchus’ Colors



This palette of colors give the longest endurance to the wearer. They should be worn in main outfits, such as suits, dresses, slacks, and blazers. 

Dark Brown
Olive Green
Slate Blue
Pewter Grey



This palette of colors offers extra protection during periods of environmental or personal stress. They are most effective when worn as outerwear, such as coats, blazers, jackets, jogging suits, and other sportswear. 

Brick Red
Leaf Green
Navy Blue



This palette of color makes one feel good. They should be worn as blouses, shirt, casual wear, scarves and neckties, but never alone — as their effect changes with mood or activity. 

Cherry Red
Lemon Yellow
Apple Green
Sea Green
Bright Blue



This palette lifts one up. They are most effective when worn as ‘date outfits’, underwear, night and lounge wear, as well as for specific creative undertakings and artistic projects. 

Rose Beige
Citrus Yellow
Wedgwood Blue



Avoidance Colors

Bacchus needs to avoid all shades of orange (pumpkin & rust).