The Natural Manager

Your Goddess Qualities

Diana is the preserver of youth and the protector of the “underdog.”  When angered, she can disrupt her environment.

Your Personality at Its Best

As a Diana, you are a competent woman, with a strong character and a will to succeed. You are smart, witty, attractive, and good with details.  You have an immeasurable amount of common sense.  Although you may act as if personal security is not important to you, you prefer being secure above all else.  You thrive when you have a steady job, money in a savings account, and a safe home environment.  You tend to be conservative, especially with your finances.  When you feel secure, you are extremely generous with your time and your money, and often go out of your way to support humanitarian causes.  You make a good counselor or healer.  You love home, family life, and long-lasting friendships.

Early Childhood Conditioning

Your obsession with security is partially due to your early personality development.  Most likely you experienced physical hardship in your formative years, or watched someone close to you suffer.  This deprivation may have caused you to fear for your survival, based on an illusion that you must always protect yourself, or be protected, from harm.  Your fears, which come from your obsession with security, may reappear at any time and in any form throughout your adult life, yet are usually irrational and unfounded.

How Your Personality May Undermine Your Health

You, more than any of the other personality type, are capable of making yourself physically and emotionally ill.  Since anxiety and negative attitudes can harm your health, it is important that you understand yourself.  For instance, you can become unnecessarily preoccupied with worries about being criticized, losing the respect of others, projecting an image of incompetence, or the outcome of future events.  Any loss or threat to your security creates undue duress for you, which centers in your pancreas and liver and affects your digestion, your blood chemistry, your gall bladder, or all three.

Special Attributes:  Confidence & Independence


  • A generous and considerate nature
  • Superior intellectual capabilities
  • Counseling and healing abilities
  • A strong drive for success
  • Steadfast in friendship
  • Innate resourcefulness
  • Diligence with details


  • Physical and emotional reactions to stress
  • Insecurities born from survival phobias
  • Unrealistic concerns about the future
  • Overly sensitive to outside opinions
  • A tendency to be over-anxious
  • Inability to handle loss
  • Low self-esteem
  • Overly sensitive to outside opinions

Meeting Your Creative Wellness Challenge

You need to free yourself from past traumas to realize your true greatness. Stop worrying unnecessarily and allow your spiritual self to help you find success. Then you can help others by drawing on what you have already suffered and survived. To make the most of your Diana personality, you can

  • enroll in adult education programs
  • learn to share your vulnerabilities with someone you trust
  • participate in noncompetitive sports in which you can excel, like swimming, skating, bicycling
  • get involved in activities that help you build your sense of security and foster self-improvement, such as sewing, bowling, and jazzercise
  • use behavior modification techniques to reprogram your psyche and raise your self esteem — affirmations release what has hindered you in the past; meditation calls on the spirit within you to dispel doubts and fears; candle burning will aid you to calm your nervous system while affirming the positive in your life 


As you achieve your goals, you will be honored for having the strength and conviction to complete what you set out to accomplish, and can live a happy, healthy, and productive life.

Diana’s Affirmation

I acknowledge that in my past
I have worried unnecessarily about my security
and failed to comprehend
the laws of cause and effect.
To transform my life,
I now take positive, constructive action
and put my faith in my soul
to develop a sense of well-being within myself.
Through my faith and willingness to change,
I bring health to my body,
security to my mind, and peace to my spirit.

Diana’s Colors



This palette of colors give the longest endurance to the wearer. They should be worn in main outfits, such as suits, dresses, slacks, and blazers.

Moonstone Grey
Brick Red
Navy Blue



This palette of colors offers extra protection during periods of environmental or personal stress. They are most effective when worn as outerwear, such as coats, blazers, jackets, jogging suits, and other sportswear.

Charcoal Grey
Saddle Brown
Chinese Red
Bright Blue



This palette of color makes one feel good. They should be worn as blouses, shirt, casual wear, scarves and neckties, but never alone — as their effect changes with mood or activity.

Hot Pink
Sunshine Yellow
Royal Blue



This palette lifts one up. They are most effective when worn as ‘date outfits’, underwear, night and lounge wear, as well as for specific creative undertakings and artistic projects.

Rose Beige
Citrus Yellow
Eggshell Blue



Avoidance Colors

Diana needs to avoid all yellow greens (chartreuse, avocado, jungle greens)