The Liberated Artist

Aphrodite loves beauty, and her own beauty can steal men’s hearts.  She enjoys nature, especially flowers of all kinds.

As an Aphrodite, you are a liberated woman with many talents in search of independence and personal security.  You love life’s thrills and your instinctive skills of self-preservation balance your tendency to take risks.  You are kind, considerate, intelligent, a quick learner, romantic, and artistic.  You promote fairness and equal rights.  Usually a very attractive woman, you look and dress younger than your age and project your sexuality in a stylish and unique way.  The manner in which you present yourself attracts men.


  • Artistic talent
  • An ability to take risks
  • Natural romantic inclinations
  • Sensitivity to the needs of others
  • Instinctive self-preservation skills
  • Keen sense of style, fashion and design
  • An ability to learn quickly and remember


  • Inclined to get too involved in others’ affairs
  • Repressed frustration with self and others
  • Prone to feelings of guilt and resentment
  • Need to rationalize overindulgence
  • Tendency to feel overburdened
  • Overly critical of others

You probably received little appreciation or praise as a child, and this early conditioning causes you to feel dissatisfied with yourself and your performance.  You tend to judge yourself too harshly, and may be too critical of others as well.  As an adult, you may also have a large family with lots of pets in order to feel your loved returned.

Your basic need to be justly rewarded creates an unconscious desire to gratify yourself, particularly when you are frustrated.  As a result, you often overindulge – perhaps by eating too much (to feel loved).  Instead of recognizing your need for self-caring, especially for self-love, you probably rationalize a poor self-image by saying something like, “Fat is beautiful”. You formed these poor health habits at an early age, and, if left unchanged, they can lead to a number of blood sugar problems, including low energy and poor circulation.

Because you fail to realize your virtues, you sometimes feel unloved and unappreciated for your contributions to family and/or community.  Since you often see yourself as duty-bound and responsible for everyone, you can easily be overly put-upon and used by others, and then feel resentful or guilty about your feelings.  Instead of verbalizing your pain, however, you tend to internalize your emotions, making yourself physically or emotionally ill.

Meeting Your Creative Wellness Challenge

Because you tend to make excuses for your low self-esteem, you need to identify your problems and alter your detrimental habits to restore your health.  By improving yourself, and drawing on your natural ability to rejuvenate yourself, you will find the energy you need to be the nurturer that you are.  To make the most of your Minerva personality, you can

  • set goals for yourself
  • join a dance or exercise class
  • go on a diet with a support group
  • set time aside in your busy schedule for daily meditation
  • take classes in a favorite subject and share your knowledge with others
  • participate in community activities, like picnics, craft shows, and festivals to feel emotionally secure and creatively challenged.

You’ll discover that others will recognize the changes that you are making in yourself and will compliment you for your efforts.  What a nice reward to be recognized as the “community mom” – a real role model to all

Aphrodite’s Affirmation

I acknowledge that in my past I have allowed my early upbringing
to keep me from becoming a whole person – body, mind and soul as one.

I now accept a new understanding of myself as a competent, secure woman,
with the faith to create a loving, disciplined lifestyle
that makes me happy, healthy, and in tune
with the true designs for my existence.